The Consequences of Speeding Tickets in New York

Speeding can come with serious consequences. In addition to a driver putting themselves, their passengers, others on the road, and pedestrians at risk of serious injury or fatality, they are also putting themselves in jeopardy of receiving a ticket, a heavy fine, and points on their license. A speeding conviction can also result in an increased insurance premium.

In New York State, it is important to be aware of the posted speed limit where you are driving. Although the maximum statewide speed is 55 miles per hour, the limit is only applicable unless otherwise posted. For example, local roads, work zones, and school zones have maximum speeds posted which are significantly reduced for safety reasons. A higher speed limit of 65 miles per hour is permitted on certain stretches of controlled access highways, such as on the I-87. In addition, New York City has its own speed limit of 25 miles per hour.

In New York State, a speeding ticket can result in 3-11 penalty points, depending upon the miles per hour driven over the speed limit, and up to $600 in fines. You may also have to pay a state surcharge and possibly a Driver Responsibility Assessment to the DMV, if you received six or more points on your license within 18 months. An accumulation of 11 points over an 18 month period could result in license suspension. Traffic violation convictions which occurred outside of New York State do not result in points on a New York State licensed driver’s record, unless it occurred in Quebec and Ontario, as there is a reciprocal agreement with New York and those Canadian provinces.

A speeding ticket is a serious matter and a conviction can be financially and emotionally burdensome as well as affect your driving privileges and livelihood. If you have been issued a speeding ticket in New York State, it is best to consult with an attorney as soon as possible who is knowledgeable about traffic violations and who can discuss your options with you.

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