Why Should I Hire an Attorney for My Traffic Ticket?

It has happened to almost everyone who drives at some point—you’re cruising along the parkway and all of a sudden you see those ominous lights flashing behind you. Next thing you know, you’re pulled over to the side of the road and a police officer is asking for your license and registration. Then they walk away to their patrol car, and after what feels like an eternity (which may be only a few minutes later), they come back and hand you a ticket.

While many people who get a ticket don’t want to be bothered any further, they will just plead guilty and send it back in with the fine. You don’t need to do this! If you received a traffic ticket you did not deserve, hiring an attorney to fight it for you can:

  • Save you time

  • Save you money

  • Save your driving record

Hiring a Traffic Ticket Attorney Can Save You Time

If you hire an attorney to fight your ticket they can appear on your behalf, depending on the jurisdiction and the violation. This means that in many cases, by hiring an attorney, you don’t need to take off work, find a baby-sitter, or interrupt your schedule.

Hiring a Traffic Ticket Attorney Can Save You Money

When you get a traffic ticket, you are slammed with not only the cost of the ticket, but there may be additional charges and other fees associated with it. Not to mention money for mileage to get to court and wages lost from work. By hiring an attorney to fight the ticket for you, they may be able to either get the ticket dismissed entirely, or, depending on the jurisdiction work out a favorable plea deal.

Depending on the number of points you have on your license, you may have to also pay a fee to the DMV or take a defensive driving course. Having the ticket dismissed saves you this additional hassle and wasted money.

Hiring a Traffic Ticket Attorney Can Save Your Driving Record

In some cases, people may not think to hire an attorney to fight their traffic ticket until they have too many points on their license and are facing suspension. Avoid this scenario before it happens by hiring an attorney before you have points racked up on your license. If you already have a large number of points, an attorney can help prevent your license from being suspended.

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